Adam Russell Davis


I'm Adam — UX Lead & Product Designer. Currently, building teams & experiences at Huge, Atlanta. Just a regular guy—inspired to change the world.

Client Experience — Lowe's, Microsoft, Porsche, Autotrader, Wells Fargo, Cummins, Humana, CNN, Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, Gas South, Tech Data,, Ben & Jerry’s, Tampa Bay Times, University of Florida, University of Kentucky, (ISC)², Grooveshark, National Air Cargo, BAE Systems, Los Alamos National Bank, Young America’s Foundation

Team Experience — UX/Design team member, mentor to junior and mid-level designers/developers, design internship coordinator, and well-versed in both Agile and Waterfall processes.

A Short Story

I was born in D.C. and grew up in Laurel, Maryland. I had a unique childhood, one that provided multicultural exposure. My parents separated when I was young, ironically, a blessing in disguise — I got to travel. I took flights to Florida during the warm summer months, then back home to Maryland for the icy winters; just a kid trying to take it all in. Back in the ’90s, you’d find me with my headphones on, an above average collection of airplane peanuts: people watching. I have always been intrigued by people, psychology, anthropology, emotion, art, design, branding, typography, and technology. Some of my earliest design-related memories were critiquing billboards while my dad and I drove around Laurel. Full of curiosity, I wondered — a habit that evolved in to an enjoyable career.

I’m lucky I found my passion early in life; I always wanted to be a designer. I majored in Graphic Design and spent 3 years in and out of the studio, studying. I received my A.S. in 2006 and then joined a local print shop. I designed all kinds of products: t-shirts, car decals, vinyl banners, signs…I put the pen tool to work. Since the shop was primarily online, I taught myself HTML, CSS, some JavaScript, and began building multi-themed ecommerce stores. I started freelancing and soon fell in love with the world of interactive design.

Late 2007, I joined 352, a digital product development agency. I spent the next few years working collaboratively with a plethora of clients. I had the privilege to teach and mentor design interns, whom today, have evolved into professionals I admire. I became UX Coordinator, which allowed me to learn and instill forward-thinking UX methods and practices throughout the Design Department.

In 2009, I received 2 scholarships from Savannah College of Art & Design, portfolio and academic. I spent 2 years working full time and attending SCAD full time. 2011, I graduated Cum Laude with a B.A. in Visual Communication — one of my proudest accomplishments. For over 7 years, I have worked with some truly amazing brands, large and small.

My wife, my dog, and I moved to Atlanta in December, 2012. Recently, I helped rebrand 352, proving to be one of my most challenging and ongoing projects. Today, when I’m not designing, I’m likely out exploring the city, wondering aimlessly through IKEA, at the beach, or reading up on the complicated system we call: politics.

I am both a realist and an optimist. I think deep, and try my best to share. Feel free to follow me on Twitter or drop me a line.

Get inspired.

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